A clearly advanced solution for your swallowing needs

Designed for clear, consistent and easy use, Resource® ThickenUp® Clear formula addresses the challenges of some of today’s starch-based thickeners, such as complicated mixing instructions, a starchy taste, altered appearance and lumps. With a variety of packaging sizes to fit your needs, Resource® ThickenUp® Clear powder helps meet your healthcare professional’s food and beverage consistency recommendations at home or on the go.

Supporting safer swallowing

Resource® ThickenUp® Clear formula is clinically shown to improve swallowing safety in people suffering from dysphagia by reducing the risk of aspiration compared to thin liquids.§

Advanced product benefits

Remains clear When mixed in water and other clear liquids, Resource® ThickenUp® Clear thickening agent stays clear.

Starch-based thickener vs Resource® ThickenUp® Clear

Mixes and dissolves easilyResource® ThickenUp® Clear formula can be used in a wide variety of food and beverages, hot or cold, protein-containing and acidic. Tasteless and odorless Liquids mixed with Resource® ThickenUp® Clear formula do not have alterations in taste or odor. Lump-free It dissolves fully and easily without creating lumps in a wide variety of foods and beverages.

Leonard R, et al. Poster presentation at the 1st Congress of the European Society for Swallowing Disorders. The Netherlands, 20.

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