Dysphagia Management

Can dysphagia be managed? Yes, but first you must talk to your healthcare professional regarding your swallowing difficulties so that he or she can properly diagnose your condition. If you’ve been diagnosed with dysphagia, you will be given a customized plan. This might include exercises to improve swallowing function, as well as a modified diet to make eating and drinking more manageable.

Types of food that may require modification

Some foods are more difficult for people with dysphagia to swallow, such as: •Foods that require a lot of chewing •Foods that have many small particles, like seeds •Dry and/or crumbly foods •Foods that combine liquids and solids •Thin liquids such as water and juice •Foods that become liquid in your mouth, such as ice cream But that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying meals with your friends and family. You might have to avoid some items, but by modifying food effectively by pureeing and/or thickening, you can often continue to enjoy your favorite foods and beverages.

Learn how to puree foods properly

Foods that require pureeing†

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