Brownie recipe
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Any meal

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Difficulty Level: Moderate

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Numbers of Portions: 5

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Preparation time: 60 min


5 pieces

Brownie, Prepared, no nuts (2 x 3 inch piece)

2-3 Tbsp


1 Tbsp + 2 tsp

ThickenUp® Clear

1. Crumble brownies into bowl of food processor; add milk and puree until smooth in texture.
2. Add ThickenUp® Clear and process briefly until mixed, scraping side of bowl as needed.
3. Cover and chill quickly (within 4 hours) to 41°F or below before serving.
4. Hold for service at internal temperature of 41°F or below.
5. Portion one #16 scoop per serving. If desired, use a spatula to flatten and shape to resemble a square.
Portions may also be placed into a square muffin pan lined with plastic wrap and frozen to set shape. Thaw each portion before serving.

* Brownie or bars should not contain nuts, seeds, dates, coconut, raisins, or other particulates that will not puree to a smooth consistency.

Nutrition calculations based on a 2” square brownie and 2% milk.

Serving suggestion

Serving Size: One #16 scoop (equivalent to 1 brownie or bar)