Using Resource® ThickenUp® Clear

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ThickenUp® Clear is easy to use

• Easy measuring‡: Simple directions so you can choose the right consistency.1 scoop: nectar-like2 scoops: honey-like3 scoop: pudding-like • Easy to consume: No over-thickening over time.• Easy to serve: No long waiting time; ready to drink within 5 minutes. *when mixes with 4 fluid ounces of liquid

Nutritional information

•Difficulty swallowing foods, liquids or saliva •Frequent coughing or choking before or after swallowing •Drooling •A need to swallow repeatedly •A “wet” or gurgly voice, especially after swallowing •Unintended weight loss •Feeling as though you have a lump in your throat •Food that sticks in your cheeks or the roof of your mouth

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